Who is SAHA?

Welcome to the elite world of Southern Alberta High Angle (SAHA), where precision meets professionalism in the specialized fields of arboriculture, industrial rope access, and specialty work at height. Operating from Lethbridge, Alberta, SAHA is synonymous with precision, professionalism, and a no-nonsense approach.

Under the leadership of Johnny Korthuis, we have cultivated a team of exceptional specialists, each embodying the efficiency and expertise akin to a special operations unit in their respective fields.In the complex world of tree care and high-stakes rescue operations, SAHA stands out for its tactical efficiency and precision. Our certified arborists approach every tree health assessment and preservation task with unmatched expertise, setting new standards in urban tree care with their clear, strategic methodologies.

In industrial rope access and rescue, our team is known for its razor-sharp precision and unwavering commitment to safety, delivering results with the meticulousness of a finely tuned machine.

Our approach to technical rescue and emergency services showcases our core strengths: strategic planning, swift execution, and an unwavering focus on results. As leading technical rescue specialists in Lethbridge, we're equipped to handle high-angle and confined space rescue scenarios with the utmost efficiency, ensuring swift, effective responses every time. Our training services extend this ethos to others, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to excel in demanding situations.

At SAHA, our philosophy is simple: deliver superior service without the fluff. Our clients, who value professionalism and substance, expect and receive the highest level of service. Join us as we redefine standards in arboriculture, industrial access, and specialty work at height.

Core Values: The Pillars of Our Practice.

Professional Treatment

We believe in delivering services with unmatched professionalism. At SAHA, every task is approached with a blend of technical expertise and respectful engagement, ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best in arboriculture, industrial access, and specialty work at height.

Honesty and Transparency

Integrity is at the heart of all we do. We are committed to honest communication and transparent practices, building trust with our clients and partners. This means clear, upfront information and guidance at every step, ensuring our clients are well-informed and confident in their choices.


Our word is our bond. SAHA stands firmly behind every service we provide, taking full responsibility for our actions and decisions. This value of accountability ensures we consistently meet and exceed the high standards we set for ourselves and those expected by our clients.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of every operation at SAHA. We prioritize the well-being of both our team and clients above all else. This unwavering commitment to safety is evident in our meticulous planning, rigorous training, and adherence to the highest industry standards, ensuring every project is executed with the utmost care and caution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding SAHA: Clarifying Your Queries

What geographic areas does SAHA serve?

SAHA primarily operates in Western Canada, with our base in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are equipped to provide our specialized services in arboriculture, industrial access, and technical rescue across various regions in Canada and the USA. Our team is adaptable and mobile, ready to meet your needs wherever they arise.

What makes SAHA's approach to arboriculture and rescue services unique?

At SAHA, we blend cutting-edge techniques with a wealth of experience to offer unparalleled service. Our team consists of ISA Certified specialists who bring a tactical, no-nonsense approach to every project, ensuring the highest levels of precision and professionalism. Our unique blend of expertise in arboriculture, industrial rope access, and technical rescue sets us apart, making us a leading choice for complex and high-stakes operations.

How does SAHA ensure the safety and quality of its services?

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of our operations at SAHA. We adhere to the strictest industry standards and employ rigorous training and safety protocols. Our team is not only highly skilled but also continuously updated with the latest safety practices and technological advancements. Every project undergoes thorough planning and risk assessment to ensure the safety of both our clients and our team.

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