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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding SAHA: Clarifying Your Queries

What geographic areas does SAHA serve?

SAHA primarily operates in Western Canada, with our base in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are equipped to provide our specialized services in arboriculture, industrial access, and technical rescue across various regions in Canada and the USA. Our team is adaptable and mobile, ready to meet your needs wherever they arise.

What makes SAHA's approach to arboriculture and rescue services unique?

At SAHA, we blend cutting-edge techniques with a wealth of experience to offer unparalleled service. Our team consists of ISA Certified specialists who bring a tactical, no-nonsense approach to every project, ensuring the highest levels of precision and professionalism. Our unique blend of expertise in arboriculture, industrial rope access, and technical rescue sets us apart, making us a leading choice for complex and high-stakes operations.

How does SAHA ensure the safety and quality of its services?

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of our operations at SAHA. We adhere to the strictest industry standards and employ rigorous training and safety protocols. Our team is not only highly skilled but also continuously updated with the latest safety practices and technological advancements. Every project undergoes thorough planning and risk assessment to ensure the safety of both our clients and our team.

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