An elite team of niche industry specialists serving western Canada. Based in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Founded by ISA Certified Arborist - Johnny Korthuis

Introducing SAHA.

Southern Alberta High Angle (SAHA) – is a team of Arborists, Rope Access Technicians, and Rescue Specialists led by Johnny Korthuis, an ISA Certified Arborist and Instructor with over 20 years of experience within Southern Alberta’s Urban Forestry industries. Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, SAHA represents a multifaceted team excelling in various services, from precision-driven tree industry operations to specialty consulting in silviculture, rope access, and critical aerial rescue response.

The team's expertise extends beyond Urban Forestry-related service delivery; we are educators and innovators. We regularly attend and provide training; we work closely with industry-leading manufacturers of equipment and PPE design and testing, along with consulting on specialty forestry research operations across Canada and the USA for both government agencies and distinguished corporate clients.

At SAHA, we pride ourselves on our technical proficiency and commitment to the highest safety and quality standards. Our diverse skill set allows us to tackle complex challenges with unmatched efficiency and expertise. Whether providing top-tier arboriculture service or technical industry-related operations, SAHA stands to offer unparalleled service in every project we undertake.

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